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Pearson Elevates Global Business Competence with Advanced Language Solutions at 100 CHRO Summit UAE 2024

May 15, 2024 06:29 IST 
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Pearson, (FTSE: PSON.L), the world’s leading learning company, unveiled its advanced business language training and assessment solutions at the 100 CHRO Summit UAE 2024, emphasizing the critical role of English proficiency in today’s international business environment. Key insights from Pearson’s latest GSE research demonstrate the strategic importance of these skills, with 49% of professionals pursuing English training to future-proof their careers against AI and technological disruptions, and 48% associating enhanced English proficiency with potential salary increases of 50-100%.


Ali Elsabban, Head of Corporate - MENAT at Pearson


At the summit, Pearson highlighted how its targeted solutions Versant and Mondly respond to these needs. Versant, a renowned language testing tool, and Mondly, which focuses on practical language learning, are designed to improve workplace communication and efficiency. These innovations are crucial for companies looking to boost talent acquisition, retention, and employee performance in a diverse and interconnected corporate landscape.


Ali Elsabban, Head of Corporate - MENAT at Pearson, commented, “Our latest study revealed that 82% of those with advanced English skills hold management roles, compared to just 43% of those with limited skills. This underscores the profound impact of language proficiency on career progression and leadership opportunities. At Pearson, we are committed to equipping HR leaders with the tools to develop a multilingual, competitive workforce ready to tackle global challenges.”


In a world where English is a critical business tool, understanding and mastering this language is no longer optional but a strategic necessity and Pearson strives to empower individuals and organisations with the language skills essential for their success in the international marketplace.


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Ali Elsabban, Head of Corporate - MENAT at Pearson
Ali Elsabban, Head of Corporate - MENAT at Pearson
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