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99 Sushi Bar and Restaurant

Newly Michelin Selected 99's Omakase Lunch and Haru Tasting Menu

May 31, 2023 07:27 IST 
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

99 Abu Dhabi has its MICHELIN Star and now 99 Dubai has made it to the illustrious guide's Selected Restaurants! To celebrate, the culinary team launches a new Omakase Business Lunch and Haru Tasting Menu, featuring some of the award-winning venue's much-loved signatures.

99's Omakase Lunch


Omakase lunch showcases 9 tantalizing courses and inclusive of coffee or tea at AED169 per guest.


It is now a tradition at 99 and the feast starts with a winning trio of Hosomaki, Chu-Toro with Leek, Kobe Edamame roasted in delicious Kobe wagyu fat, Shichimi Togarashi and Truffle and Capumiso Soup, Fermented Soy with Seaweed, Truffle, Leek and Tofu Foam.


Then, the menu unfolds with signatures for newcomers to discover and loyal guests to sample with delight: the Sea Bass & Scallop Ceviche, followed by the best-selling Tiger Prawn Tempura with secret 99 Spicy Creamy Sauce, the now classic Salmon Flambé Nigiri with Lime and Spicy Mayonnaise, the Yellowtail Nigiri with Jalapeno and Gochujang and the crowd-pleasing Quail Egg Nigiri with Truffle, served Sunny-Side-Up. For the main course, the culinary team at 99 have chosen to highlight the 99 Black Cod au Gratin, Two Layers or Red Miso.


Omakase Lunch is served weekdays from noon to 2:15pm.


For those who seek an in-depth experience of the award-winning venues' haute Japanese cuisine, there is also the Haru Tasting Menu, composed of 12 courses and inclusive of coffee and tea.


It features must-try dishes such as the Toro Pizza, the Whole King Crab Leg au Gratin, the 99 Katsusando Wagyu Marbling 9, the 99 Jewel Maki, 99 Lobster Maki, Scallop Flambé Nigiri, 99 Wagyu Tartare Gunkan, Robata Lamb Chops and for the finale, their White Chocolate and Coconut Mousse.


The Haru Tasting menu is served daily for lunch and dinner

AED 1149 per couple.

AED1999 per couple including a bottle of French bubbles.

AED2999 per couple including a bottle of premium French bubbles.

99's Omakase Lunch
99's Omakase Lunch
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