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Freshworks Products Support The Giving Movement's Commitment to Exceptional Customer Service

The Dubai-based sustainable fashion brand aims for a 120-second response timeline, backed by Freshdesk and Freshchat

Dec 12, 2023 07:59 IST 
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Freshworks Inc. (NASDAQ: FRSH) today announced that The Giving Movement, one of Dubai’s most prominent sustainable clothing brands, uses Freshdesk and Freshchat to manage and automate its customer support operations. The Giving Movement chose Freshworks products for their flexibility, feature-set customizations, and the Freshworks’ expertise in supporting many e-commerce brands worldwide. The Giving Movement also uses Freshworks' integrations with WhatsApp and Instagram to proactively engage with customers on their channels of choice.

Sandie Overtveld, Senior Vice President - APJ & MEA, Freshworks

Driven by a deep commitment to sustainability, The Giving Movement launched in 2020 to bring forward conscious consumerism by introducing an alternate way to enjoy fashion. The Giving Movement donates $4 of each item sold to their partner charities, Dubai Cares and Harmony House.The company’s commitment to a higher purpose is underpinned by its passion for ensuring exceptional customer service. Nonetheless, their team encountered challenges with their existing customer experience solution, which lacked customization features and robust reporting capabilities to enhance their service.

Empowered by Freshworks' products, The Giving Movement has not only successfully addressed its customization requirements but also achieved the milestones it had set out to accomplish. “Even before we respond to the customer, we know their complete context and history. Freshdesk and Freshchat work well across live chat, email, social chat, and telephone to make this happen for us,” said Sachin Kumar Badrinath, Head Of Customer Experience at The Giving Movement.


The Giving Movement’s vision for quality customer service lies in deep empathy. Badrinath has an email address for customers who want to talk to leadership instead of agents and routes the voice of customer feedback through this channel. “This direct line with the support head is unique to this geography and domain. It has led to some great revelations of customer preferences and ultimately adds to our unified picture on Freshdesk,” Badrinath added.


Further, automation features such as IntelliAssign, which assigns the correct language query to the right agent (based on Arabic or English speaking), and the round-robin assignment method that picks an agent based on availability, have saved agents significant time. Badrinath emphasizes that efficient operations depend on timely task allocation and meaningful data analysis. He shares, “Freshdesk and its analytics features have led us to cross-utilize agents across teams, harness their full potential, measure occupancy rates, and be organized.”


Ultimately, the team’s efficiency, coupled with Freshworks’ customer service solution, have led to a 60 to 120 second response time on live channels and meeting other ‘Turn Around Time’ (TAT) goals they have set for themselves. “Besides having an efficient and talented team, Freshworks’ rich functionalities have helped us get to best-in-class support SLAs,'' Badrinath concluded.


The Giving Movement further envisions making ‘silent sufferers,’ who don’t express displeasure after a poor experience, feel valued through proactive outreach and incentives. The company plans to use Freshworks in this proactive capacity to preemptively serve their customers, reaffirming their commitment to exceptional customer engagement and lasting connections.


The Giving Movement is one of the best examples of how consciousness and business ambition can co-exist,” said Sandie Overtveld, SVP for Freshworks APAC and MEA. “In addition to everything the business does, it’s a perfect case study on how empathy-led, personalized support experiences matter and make a difference. This partnership gives us great joy, and we are happy to help The Giving Movement bring joy to the customers they serve.”


The Giving Movement was able to scale customer satisfaction from 30% to 85% in a period of 12 months. Watch the story here.


Sandie Overtveld, Senior Vice President - APJ & MEA, Freshworks
Sandie Overtveld, Senior Vice President - APJ & MEA, Freshworks
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