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Dubai Student Recognised by Inclusion in George W Bush's Points of Light Inspiration Honor Roll 2022

Jul 12, 2022 07:25 IST 
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A teenager called Netra Venkatesh based in the United Arab Emirates set up a global organisation to provide free webinar based education to young women across 20 developing countries. Her efforts have been recognised by George W Bush’s Points of Light Foundation by adding her to this year’s Inspiration Honor Roll.


Netra Venkatesh

During the height of the pandemic in 2020, when educational institutions were impacted by the lock down, a teenager called Netra Venkatesh based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates decided to take it on herself to be a spark for positive change in the field of education for young women across the developing world. She launched an all-girls nonprofit organization called SpunkGo-Social Media for Good ( which offers free educational webinars from professional speakers to young women typically in remote and rural settings.


The purpose of this non-traditional education protocol is to encourage young women to empower themselves and inspire them to grow professionally and personally. Fast forwarding to 2022, SpunkGo has grown leaps and is now present in over 20 countries across Africa and Asia, from Bangladesh to Ghana, and is run collectively by 30 young women who call themselves SpunkGo Ambassadors.

With a membership of over 5,000 young women worldwide, SpunkGo has tied up with KeyNote Women Speakers who assist Netra with high impact speakers. Netra has also partnered with Simbi Foundation, where SpunkGo members record books for displaced children in Uganda to listen to. SpunkGo also supports an orphanage in the Dandora regions of Kenya.


Netra has been recognised by George W Bush’s Points of Light Foundation by adding her to the 2022 Inspiration Honor Roll. She is also the winner of the prestigious Diana Award 2022 awarded on the birthday of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Netra Venkatesh
Netra Venkatesh
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