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A UAE careers expert says industries which can make a difference to the world should have an input into what is taught in schools, to help students follow the lead of Greta Thunberg.

Maria Vitoratos, Founder of the UAE Careers Community, says, "Young people who focus solely on academic pathways can lose out on rewarding careers offering them opportunities to play a part in solving world problems."

Vitoratos, who is also Careers Coach at Dubai English Speaking College (DESC), convened a double careers session with one of the region’s leading water treatment experts, Rodger Macfarlane, Technical Director of Culligan Middle East.


Rodger Macfarlane, Technical Director, Culligan Middle East

Macfarlane discussed career opportunities in the water treatment industry during back to back Zoom sessions for DESC students and parents, and the UAE Careers Community, set up to empower youth with careers education.

Culligan now plans to work with UAE schools and universities to raise awareness of water hygiene and proper hydration, and Vitoratos wants more similar involvement from other industrial sectors.

We need other leading players from industry to follow this lead, and come on board to have an input into what is being taught in schools,” she said.

Young people have been influenced by Greta Thunberg, and want to play a part in solving world problems. But they are generally more focused on academic pathways, and aren't putting much thought into where their degree is going to take them.”

Macfarlane says a career in making water safe in the home, office, hospitals and across industry offers students a wealth of opportunities to help develop vital new technology.

This is particularly important in the food service and commercial drinking water markets, which affect every one of us,” he said.


Vitoratos says, “We need more people like this talking to pupils about what they’re looking for in future talents. We need to connect the dots for today’s students who are more concerned about taking on employment in areas that make a difference in the world. They want to know how their education is going to help them do that.”